Kelly Hunsaker aka Michelle California California


My husband and have been married for 6 yrs. Of course like all couples, we have had are problems and then this bitch comes along with her ugly ass and thinks she can move on in and well she has. He left me for her but not before he lied and denied they had anything going on. I would go out of town for work and he would have this bitch over and she would take selfies laying on my bed and then post them on her facebook. Or of her all spread out on my couch with this pouting face like she is saying awww to bad for me. || I would ask him and he continues to lie till this day. But he has a record for cheating on me.  He has done it before and of course he lied and he has done it to all the girls in the past that I know about. But he plays the victim well believe that. As far as I am concerned they both can have each other. They are both f**king ugly and I can do better in everyway. That I am sure of.

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