Kelley “Lopez” Conklin West Palm Beach, Florida Florida


I’ve been married to my husband for 10 years. This was an old middle school girlfriend or something. They started talking on Facebook. When my husband’s new job took him back to West Palm for 4 nights a week starting in June they began hooking up. The job assignment was over in August. Apparently they still carried on via text, phone, and Facebook. When my husband tried to break it off in October she threatened him with calling me. So he kept it going for a while longer until the last week of October. He said he was finally done with her crazy ass, had no intention of leaving me for her ever and told her to go ahead and do whatever she needed to do but leave him alone. Needless to say she messaged me on Facebook. So here we are. || All I want is for her to have the shame that she deserves. She knew from the very beginning that he was married with children. I am in no way excusing his behavior either. It takes two to tango. But, I am working on mending my marriage. I do love my husband, just don’t trust him. We have now moved out of Florida and are trying to get our lives back on track.

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