Katey Engel Covington, Kentucky Kentucky


This girl worked at the place next door to my EX fiancĂ©’s second job. I was hugely pregnant this past spring and off work with complications. He decided to go off to trucking school in August shortly after baby was born, he quit both jobs before leaving. She had been liking pics I posted of him and our new baby. The minute he leaves she asks to call him, they were friends and she was married with 5 kids (supposedly)!!! Lie.They start talking daily for long amounts of time unbeknownst to me, he was calling her on my phone, the phones were in my name and I paid that bill. He flunked out of truck driving school on a Thursday but pretended with me that he was still there. I didn’t find out that he didn’t love me anymore until Saturday. He had her pick him up from the bus station on Thursday, called me and left me a voicemail telling me he loves me while he waited for her to get there, lied about where he was and her. He has always said that he felt sorry for her. She posted some stupid meme on his fb about it’s better to have loved and lost than to live with a psycho the rest of your life. Then posted,”Tell her I said Lmfao!!” I ignored it, this was the day he came back from her house. He came back so we could talk about things, he was talking to her on the phone while he was there she was telling me,”Hi!” He was in her bed the first night he was there. He was gone 3 days playing house with her while I was home with the kids. He was right down the street pretending to be in another state. || Anyways, slutbag ends up messaging me finally. I call her out on her bs and she gave me a snarky reply and then blocked me like a coward. She did say that any man that wasn’t married was free game…homewrecking slut!!! She’s been very vindictive and spiteful towards me for no reason. This feels good… I guess now I gave you a reason bitch Lmfao. She knew we were together that I was pregnant that we were engaged she didn’t give a fuck. He tried to come back to me after it happened, even mention sex. I told him he better go get her stupid ass and that’s exactly what he did!! He told me he regretted her and she was a mistake yet he’s with her right now. Congratulations on your whore prize!!!

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