Katee Plew Jerome, Idaho Idaho


This is not my story. This is my sister in laws story. This hoe Katee has known my brother since high school. She has always been trying to get with him. If he had a girlfriend it didn’t matter she’d be all over him. And apparently him being married still doesn’t stop her. || My brother has been with my sister in law for 7 years, 6 married. They have two beautiful children and one on the way. Katee is also married with a child. In 08 Katee tried to befriend them. Thinking no harm they accepted thinking she was different. Nope, she would always try and play hopeless hoe, poor picked on her and try and be all over him and so on. When they both had enough and kicked her to the curb she played the we sleep together and so on. || Well now 2013 my brother and sister in-law had some marriage issue. They were separated for 3 weeks. She left to her moms and he stayed home but she came home every day to see her children. I stayed with my brother and helped him with everything. He one day got a Facebook message. Apparently she heard they were having issues and played the I too have issues card. Him having a hard time thinking maybe talking to an old friend would help, ha nope. Back in 06 I believe he had a seizure and lost his memory for a while. She claimed before his seizure she was pregnant by him and also engaged and sent a pic of the ring and how she was so hurt he had married my sister in law and how they were meant to be and she needed him. She also said how she would divorce for him, she was apparently so unhappy with her husband, he abused her, he was on hard drugs and he’d abuse their daughter. She claimed to own a big ol house, had this amazing career at the hospital, had a big nice truck and car and lots of money, that her husband did nothing to help and he was cheating. Just you name it she claimed it. || Well my brother wasn’t having it and fixes things with my sister in law and Katee becomes fumed by this and admits they never slept together in 08 just wanted to piss them off. She tells my sister in law that she’s worthless and doesn’t deserve him and called the baby girls ugly and whores like their mom and so on. So we go to tell her husband and apparently he knew. Apparently she didn’t have a nice house, cars or the good job. She’s in the middle of a divorce because her husband HATES her. She lives in a shitty ghetto apartment that he pays for. And they hate each other yet sleep together every night and admit that and admit they sleep around still married. So her whole life is a big ol LOL.. || She’s the biggest piece of white trash I’ve ever seen! She threatened to bomb wall mart for a detraction to rob a bank and got caught! She’s absolutely insane and can’t keep herself away from married men. The ring –ha yeah was given to her by a guy way back in the day to literally represent that she was his bitch! Not from my brother and she was never pregnant by him either. So this bitch tried to be the homewrecker but it didn’t work! It just proved how pathetic she truly is. No home was wrecked. Well besides her own haha.. Apparently this whore didn’t get the memo. You were just they lay back in the day! Nothing more so don’t flatter yourself. How dare she do what she did to my family. To try and hurt their marriage and to say those things about precious babies! I hope she reads this and I hope she has something to say because I’m waiting and have been for a while for you to crawl out of your slut cave! You deserve nothing in life! Which is what I’m sure you’ll get hahahaha!!

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