Kandace Blevin Cape Coral, Florida Florida


Calling all trash collectors…you missed some.  It had been years that had passed when this stupid heffer contacted me through myspace… She was an ex girlfriend, baby momma to one of my husbands best friends years ago. She contacted me saying”hey aren’t you the girl that my boyfriend use to always talk about and oggle over?” So, not really knowing what she was talking about I reached out to this male friend and said hey guess who is contacting me. He replied saying what does she want? So I told him what she had said…. well days had passed and this male friend says to me I have something to tell you but don’t want you to get mad. I replied so tell me or I will be mad. He said I always had a suspicion that she hooked up with your husband… I exclaimed WHAT!!! and then carefully plotted what I was going to do to catch both her and my husband. So, a few days later I replied on myspace and said”hey, I know you…you’re the chic that hooked up with my EX husband”…she quickly replied who is your ex? So I told her and she said girl I am so sorry to hear yall are divorced… she asked how long etc… and I had this whole long story made up. She even invited me to call her on the phone. We talked about their hooking up and how long it had been going on and how often. She said it was just casual sex here and there when he could get away from work. She proceeded to ask why we were divorced… I said once a cheater always a cheater… I said no fears he is paying me $800 a month in child support… we continued to talk she invited me over for some wine etc… I said to her well lets plan a wine date soon but first I need to talk to my husband,”oh by the way, we are still married” and you just told the whole story… Oh and lets make matters worse when I write a letter to the catholic church letting them know that my husband, your fling no longer needs to be your daughter God father! || Needless to say she use to live in Hanahan, SC and has since relocated to Cape Coral, Florida because I was telling the world just how she was. She runs her own massage therapy business in Cape Coral….I’m sure EVERYONE gets a”happy ending” from her. Look out ladies trash has escaped the truck!!

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