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Complaint: On 4/21/2011, I took my car to Just Brakes after hearing a noise that sounded like the brake pads on my car needed replacement. At the time I took the car in I indicated to the Owner/Manager (Ben) that I did have an Extended Chryser warranty. He indicated that dealer warranty would not cover such items. I trusted him, and asked for an estimate. The estimate included front & rear disk pads, rotor reconditioning, new brake fluid, front whell bearings and hubs. Later, I was also told I needed front wheel bearings and hubs. The car was left for service overnight. When I picked up the car I was told I would also need control arms in the near future. On 5/6/2011, I returned to Just Brakes after hearing a “clicking noise”” in the front wheels for a couple of days. The pulled the wheels off listened to and verified the sound

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Address: but were unable to determine what was causing the noise. During the second visit

Website: and it was my fault as well for not checking the warranty closer before allowing the work. I was charged $613 for the hubs and bearings which would have cost me $100 at the Chrysler dealership. The disappointment was when I met with the owner

Phone: they asked for the Just Brakes paperwork and since I keep my warranty information with it I was surprised to learn that the bearings and hubs were covered by the warranty. Keep in mind I asked the Manager at the onset if anything would be covered by the warranty. He didn’t read it simply responding

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