JUS Ventures GmbH c/o Jens Ulrich Sauer Review


Jens Ulrich Sauer is a Scam artist and a Fraud. A few months ago he told a client of mine that he was going to lend him $250,000 for a business venture. The client decided to follow along with Jens proposal but when I found out that he was charging $8000 for Due diligence fee, I advised the client not to do so. The client still did it under the advisement of Jens, because Jens said “there should be trust” between fellow Germans. Well, my client decided to give him the $8k and after a few weeks, the loan was supposed to be funded. It’s been two months now and Jens Sauer has disconnected his phones, has stopped answering emails to him and after we did some extra research on him, we found out he was using fake documents from an attorney, he no longer works with. Jens Ulrich Sauer aka Jens Sauer is a crook and a scammer. Please be careful with him. He says he resides in Orlando, Florida but also travels around California. Don’t know what to believe from this crook but we are filing charges against him and will make sure to keep this updated.

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