Julie Wellsy


Pet couriers not bring pets


My Complaint: I found some African grey parrots on line so I texted this number 319-327-8097 and jullie wellsy responded to me about the parrots. She ask me for my email address so she good send me more information on the birds. So I gave it to her and we emailed back and forth. She told me she registered the birds to be sent to me and all I was to pay I $500 for the delivery of the birds she told me every thing else was done I did not have to pay any other money. Then I get a call from the pet express saying they will call me back in two hours on when the birds would be at my home. They did not call me back so I called them back they said we will get back to you. Then I received a text saying the birds will be sent at 830am on the 4/3/2014. Ok that morning on the 3rd I receive a text saying the birds could not be sent because they needed insurance and a owner ship paper from me and it would cost $850 and I would get 90% back after delivery. I called my daughter for the money and she looked up the information they gave me was a scam .


My Demand: My $540 dollars back

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