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Complaint: Judge Mary Kovack of the Medina Domestic Relations Court should be kicked off the bench, sanctioned and lose her license to practice law. I find it incredibly insane that these words came out of her lying mouth during her re-election campaign:A plan to enforce Child Support Orders while ensuring working parents whose economic circumstances have changed have stream-lined access to the relief they need. I will continue to keep families first by introducing a three point plan to reduce family conflict, enhance childrens relationships with both parents and increase access to the court while protecting the privacy of children. I will keep families first. This Judge allowed known perjury into her court, not only did she allow it, she condoned it and rewarded it. Then to add insult to injury, she also allowed illegal activities to be done and signed off on it, with the CSEA of Ohio in Medina. She knew the mother of my son committed perjury when she went and got a restraining order against me. She even knew that Magistrate McCormick called this mother a liar….he told her he did not believe her…right from his bench. YET, she signed the order. She knew this mother to be a liar in her court, even during this woman’s divorce, she falsely accused her husband of brutally raping her and beating on their son. She knew this woman was not taking care of her three children by her marriage. She knew all of this, yet still she granted this woman a restraining order and then when this woman had my son, she automatically put him on this mothers restraining order. My son just turned 3 in May and to this day, because of this judges order, I have not even seen a photo of him, let alone seen him in person. Then, CSEA made their child support obligation. They illegally counted not only the my social security disability, they illegally counted the money I was getting as income from a special disability program I am on under Social Security to help me get off of disability and go back to work. Even with Social Security telling them this was illegal and they were not supposed to count it, they did and told Social Security they will do what ever they want. When I called them and told them they had just made me homeless, they laughed at me and said they hoped it was warm where I was living and if not, then move down south and be homeless. When I appealed this decision to Judge Mary Kovack, the VERY SAME one who said she had made it easier for parents like me whose economic situation changed to streamline this to get this changed, sure she did….the thing is, it cannot be changed for three years. This “Judge”” is a joke. I have also seen the circus she has done to father’s who cannot afford to pay because of their financial circimstances

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Address: by putting them up on YouTube. Well after going to the site and searching

Website: 99 Public Square, Medina, Ohio Medina, Ohio United States of America

Phone: there are 56 postings on YouTube where she berates the heck out of fathers and destroys them even more in her courtroom

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