Jordan Sane – Married, pregnant, and still can’t stop wrecking a home! North Carolina


Jordan Sane works at Rutherford County EMS in Rutherfordton, NC. She likes to sleep with her married coworkers. The best part is, her husband works there too! She thinks she is sneaky and sly, she likes to use Kik messenger to hide her escapades. Last known username was jordanlcs, but that profile has since been deleted. Who knows what her next one will be. When confronted with evidence of her infidelity, she then lies and claims “harassment” to cover her own a55, throwing the man under the bus and jeopardizing his career so that she can save face (and what an ugly face it is). You aren’t so smart Jordan, because there is more proof out there than you realize. And that alienation of affection lawsuit is coming real soon dear…

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