Joe Thomas of O’Brien Wexler Associates


Somehow OBrien Wexler Associates found a medical debt from 2011. It was allegedly never filled through my insurance company because the medical company only collected cash. The collection agency "found" the debt and called me. Joe Thomas, if that is in fact his real name, claims they sent me a letter earlier in the month. I never received. He threatened my future financial wellbeing (claiming a report would be filled against my credit) if I did not pay in the next 24 hours. I needed to provide him with my credit card information over the phone or overnight a cashiers check. I called my insurance company immediately. I never had a medical service on the date OBrien Wexler Assoc claimed I owed. The company provided no written documentation of the debt and provide no information other than the data of service, amount owed and the name of a medical company "that went bankrupt two years ago" according to Joe Thomas.

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