JMD Toys Zebulon North Carolina Review


I am having a birthday party for my son and ordered 4 cases of silly string for the kids to play with. It cost me over $75.00. They took the money out of my account and sent me an email saying it was on the way and it should only take 5 business days that was on 5/26/2005 and I still do not have my items, 6/16/2005. nI emailed them on 6/11 to find out where my product is and got no response. Then I emailed them again on 6/14, with a second request for information, and gave them my email address, my work phone, and my home phone numbers — No response. nOn 6/15, I called the “order”” phone number

which ALWAYS gives you a recording and left a message saying that I wanted my product by 6/18 or I wanted my money back immediately. Of course — no response. nThis is my last hope of trying to get their attention. Because not only am I out the $75 they took but now I have to go and find where I can buy that many cans of silly string in two days. nKellynZebulon

North CarolinaU.S.A.”

134 Main St. Port Jefferson, New York U.S.A.


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