Jessie Rodriguez – Minerva, Ohio Ohio


My husband and I have been together 10 years and have 5 children. He introduced me to this woman and her husband and SIX kids and we became friends. I knew something was off with her and tried to space my family from her. Well my husband kept pushing me towards her. Well one night they spent the night with thier six kids and once the kids were asleep we sat by the fire outside, drinking. || I rarely ever drink and she drinks ALOT (pretty much an alcoholic) and she pretendes she was drunk and hanging all over my husband. The next day she took a pregnancy test and left it at my house (negative thank goodness) I confronted my husband about his and her behavior. He turned it into a fight and took off. Came home the next day and blurted out he cheated but not with who. || I went through his phone and found DISGUSTING pictures of her nasty slutty ass. I kicked his ass out and for the next month I was taunted and stalked by her psycho ass. My husband was a complete asshole. I even had a miscarriage during this whole ordeal. Turns out her 6 kids all have different dad’s and she’s always cheating on her husband. She didn’t care what happened to my family and my kids were sooo hurt by all of this and their fathers actions. She even screwed my husband on MY frickin kitchen table with ELEVEN kids in the house. She is disgusting pathalogical lying whore. My husband would go to her house right after her husband left for work and screw her with HER kids in the house. Sooooooooo frickin gross!

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