Jessica Miller Ogden, Utah Utah


This happened not too long ago. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and we have two beautiful babies together. This started in the month of April. I had gone to Arkansas to be closer to my mother and get a place set up for our family and he was living with a friend of ours and her boyfriend and son. Well everything was going just fine but I started to notice he was drinking a lot more as in every night and it was due to depression. Well this stupid whore ended up moving in sometime in the middle to end of April and my man was always telling me that she would make sexual comments toward him and he told her and so did our friends that him and I were together and had kids but did that stop this slut? NO! || So he had about 2 weeks left before we were going to be reunited and mind you I’m 7 months pregnant working 8 hour shifts overnight and taking care of our son. Anyways they were drinking again which is no surprise and he texted me telling me good night I love you and that he was watching a movie and going to bed. Well come to find out she came into his room and started putting the moves on him. They ended up having sex. I didn’t find out all of this until he was moved down here and I went through his texts and he told his friend how she was saying she was pregnant a week after they had sex and was blaming it on him! Typical whore behavior right?  Well I confronted him and he confessed everything and started crying and told me he felt like shit after and wanted to tell me but knew I’d kick him out of my life so he was going to wait till he got down here.  I do believe he was going to tell me because as I said, I went through his texts and he even told his friend he was going to break it to me the day after he got here. So I asked him about the pregnancy and he said it wasn’t his which I know all men say that but I could believe him because for one, it takes longer than a week to show up on a test and for two she slept with a different guy a week before him! Stupid whore! || Anyways I made him give me all the details as to what happened and asked him if he wanted her or me and of course he choose me.  Well I wrote this whore one Facebook and bitched her out and told her if she should worry more about getting her kids back then finding her next d**k! She of course in turn called me a whore (hahahaha) and everything else! As of today there is no baby because she “miscarried” but I doubt there ever was because she refused to take a test in front of him. The only reason she said she was pregnant was to keep him from moving and as for the friends they knew she wasn’t but said she was to get him to stay! || Girls in the Ogden area watch out cause not even a week after sleeping with my man she slept with another guy who was taken! She’s a stupid cunt who wears too much make up and loves to f**k any guy! BEWARE! She’ll come for your next!  Oh as for me and my man we are working things out and he’s gaining my trust back slowly but surely!

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