Jerry Derouen Louisiana Louisiana


I met this man last year off a dating website. At first, he comes off as Prince Charming but once you truly get to him , he’s far from it. His family and friends warned me he was a player but I was too blinded by love. He works but he likes to spend it on alcohol and other women. Watch out ladies everywhere because he knows what to say. He’s abusive, alcoholic, cheater, and loves spending the ladies money. I was with him a year and half yet he was on tagged , facebook, and no telling what other sites calling other women cute, sexy, and probably getting their numbers. || Ladies this man will not be faithful to anybody so run far away if you see him anywhere. He will leave you broke and abused. He’s got a criminal history. He loves older women so beware. He works in Port Fourchon, LA. Sometimes travels to Texas , different areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. He likes calling females vulgar names. I sent him proof of what I suspected cheating and he still denied it.

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