Jerri Parsley (Hyde) – Apache, Arizona Arizona


My parents married 25-26yrs. Allen (dad) a cop my mom didn’t work had breast cancer going through chemo. Well long story short through that time he had been cheating seeing this hoe who knew he was still married eventually he told my mom he wanted a divorce and a month later her home wrecking ass was moving in and prego, which is funny being Allen is on so many meds it’d be hard for that to happen. Now her and him are married with a child another on the way. While he was working she’d do”ride alongs” with him while my mother still lived at the house and was still married. When her friend would dispatch she’d visit when he was working. || After they got together he got put in the hospital twice medical issues and she wouldn’t leave me alone with him, she had his phone put my number in and said she’d have him keep in touch after the hospital we never heard from him she’s kept him from the family where now I don’t give a shit about him. The fact she wrecked a home of a married couple 25-26 long is shit she’s a hoe who needs known.

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