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My husband works at a nightclub in Hollywood. I was there for a friend’s birthday on April 27th of this year when my husband introduced me to “his favorite Jenn.” Being that my name is Jenn as well, I looked at him with the”gee thanks” look. He laughed and said other than you. Anyway, I thought nothing of it because we had been drinking that night and we were having a good time. Later that night, I noticed her talking to him and I didn’t like the way it looked. But again, I let it go. I did question him when we got home and he said he didn’t know what I was talking about. So Jennifer and I became friends on Facebook and whenever I went to his work, I would hang out with her and another friend. Our mutual friend one night decided to go to a casino near our house so I told my husband to go ahead and go. I later find out Jennifer was there too. I immediately told my husband that I wasn’t comfortable with this because now it seems like a double date. He then asked about having them all come to our house to hang out. I told him I was fine with Shanyn and Joe but not Jennifer. I wasn’t comfortable with her coming over. Shanyn called me and wanted to hang out and my husband kind of made me feel pressured to say yes, so they all came to hang out. I noticed my husband standing closer to Jennifer as she was sitting on our patio but again, didn’t think anything of it. She was cold on the patio and my husband gave her one of his jackets and when they were about to leave, I said”let me get you a different jacket to leave with” and my husband said not to worry about it that he would just get it on the weekend. || A couple weeks later, I found a lighter in his car that read”It’s not cheating unless you get caught.” Jennifer works at Arrow Lighter, Inc. in City of Industry so she got a bunch of lighters for him. I wasn’t comfortable with this and I text her asking if she had given it to him and why a lighter with that written on it. She said she thought it was funny after what I had told her at my house how I didn’t trust him and why. So she took what I said and turned it into a joke, mocking me to him. I then told her that I didn’t think it was funny because it was such a sensitive subject with our relationship not being at its best at that time. She was talking to me like a friend and even offered to babysit our daughter so we could have a date night. || So months go by and one night we came home from Las Vegas and he had fallen asleep while I had gone to get our daughter from my sister’s house. His phone was just lying there on the bed and I resisted at first but then I had to look. I opened his phone and there were bbm messages from Jennifer! For those of you that don’t know what BBM is, it stands for Blackberry Messenger. It is an app for blackberry users that allow you to send messages without it showing up on your phone bill. So anyway, the whole time we were in Vegas he had been messaging her saying how he loves her and how he wished he could be with her, etc. I saw some things while in Vegas that didn’t sit well with me, but I didn’t want to make a big deal about it and look like a jealous wife. I should have listened to my gut because it was right! Anyway, I woke him up with a knee to his ass (after taking pictures of EVERY message) and questioned him about it. He was caught and I called her to ask her what the heck was going on. She didn’t answer the phone until I made my husband leave a message on her voicemail telling her to go ahead and call my phone back, so she did. I asked her how long it had been going on and she told me about a week after I met her. || I thought she was becoming my friend being that she was offering to babysit my daughter to help find a connection with my husband! She told me it was mostly a texting relationship and they only talked while at his work and they had only kissed 4 times with no tongue. So after speaking with her repeatedly (and leaving him), I decided that it was pretty minor and I can get past this and that it could be a wakeup call for our relationship and it could be salvageable. || I decided to secretly book us a trip to Vegas and do a surprise re-do trip since my last trips memories are now of how he was texting her the whole time. So I was looking around our room for his rewards card for the hotel we stay at. When I looked in his wallet for the card, I found a micro SD card in there. I took the SD card and held onto it for later when I could look at it. When I finally had the opportunity to look, I found MORE messages from before Vegas and she had stayed two days and one night at a hotel with him in Los Angeles when he was working for a company out there for two weeks! He was working overnights, so it was like she stayed with him for two nights. There was a specific message that read… || Her: I love being home alone when I get out of the shower! I get to walk around in my bra and undies. || Him: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I F’ING MISS ALL THE GOOD STUFF!!! NO F’ING FAIR!!! || Her: You didn’t miss ALL the good stuff. I believe I had nothing on when napping with you! I never do that anywhere. || Him: I think we slept nekkid a couple of times. But I still would have wanted to see you walk around like that in the room. || So I confronted my husband again about it and left him again! I called her and told her to NEVER set foot in the club my husband works in again along with yelling and swearing at her and asking how she could do this to not only me, but my poor little 5 year old! She came into my house! It’s one thing when the girl doesn’t know about the family, but this bitch came in my home and acted like she was a friend! || I left my husband again for a few days and I was ready to leave him until my baby girl refused to eat her dinner and cried to me and said she just wanted to go home. I finally understand when people say they are going to work it out for the kids. Things were great at first. He was being more affectionate and telling me he loves me and he’s so sorry and when questioned about him telling her he loved her, he told me it was more of an infatuation. He said he missed what we had and he was re-living what we had in the beginning of our relationship with her (a lot of what he said to her in the texts, was what he had said to me in the beginning of our relationship including the several emoticons). He also said that once he got caught and the threat of me leaving him was real, it was then he realized he never really loved her and it was me he was missing all along and the excitement reminded him of me and him when we met. || Jennifer CLAIMS to be a virgin, but definitely doesn’t behave like one. In fact, while we were in Vegas and she was texting my husband that she loved him, she was hooking up with her bff’s brother in the hotel across the street. I also recently heard that she is sucking his d*ck. Lol. You can claim to be a virgin, but you are still a hoe!

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