Jason Jenkins – Bradley, Illinois Illinois


This man is disgusting. Jason JenkinsĀ is constantly cheating on his so called girlfriend Sherry Lojewski. Ever since he met her and things got serious he sleeps with everyone he can behind her back and claims he is so in love with her. Sadly enough she cheats on her boyfriend with Jason. I’ve known this man for about 4 years now. He lies to get what he wants and smooth talks all the women he meets while making his girlfriend think that he is faithful. When we lived together he was not only sleeping with me but with dozens of his other friends. Some old and some new and some from years and years past. This is my only way to vent without hurting a lot of women for the secrets I with held for the last 4 years. I tried to tell the girls including his girlfriend in many ways but she refuses to listen and thinks this man is golden. He will destroy your mindset and make u feel low. Very low. Watch out ladies don’t be fooled by this man. He’s bad news.

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