Jamie Lockhart Hess Ohio Cheaters


I told this whore to back off in October of last year but yet she still text my husband her number after getting his off of Facebook. We have been together for 21 years, married 13. He had my name tattooed over in January and then sent her pics to prove that he did it for her….20 days after he started talking to her, he bought her flowers and cards for Valentine’s Day and then 4 days after that, he bought her a ring with soulmates engraved inside and their names on the outside. || She is still married, engaged to another guy and is also leading many other men on. All of which I proved to my husband that while she was confessing her undying love for him, she was doing the same to these others. My husband filed for divorce in March. Not even two months after he supposedly started really talking to her. She has changed her cell number twice and has sworn to God that she isn’t talking to him anymore, however, I have found the NEW number under someone else’s name in his phone. She has her fiance brainwashed believing she is a changed woman but from what I know about her, she has done this to many other couples and led many men to her bed, one right after another before the sheets even get cold. And the nasty snatch pics, Omg they made me gag! || She is a Homewrecking Whore that needs to be put out there to warn all the other ladies that love their husbands.  She is lurking and she doesn’t care who gets in her way. She smokes and barhops and is an alcoholic. He hates when I just have a wine cooler! He can’t stand cigs and hates going into bars. She is one nasty piece!!!!!

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