Jamie Bragg – Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado


I would like to expose Ms Jamie Homewrecker Bragg for lying about being a friend when all along she was sleeping with my husband. He’s military and we live in Colorado springs. She just recently took an all expensed paid trip on my daughters funds because he has not paid family support and our divorce is not finalized. She lives in long beach California where she works as a”nurse”. Even when I asked for the contacts text email and saying to stop well she kept going so now he can provide for her 2 kids while he neglects his 20 month old daughter. I look forward to suing her in court while she proudly has a profile picture with NY husband on @stay_Bragg_n I hope she feels comfortable in knowing she has wrecked a marriage she has now found insurance and a home for her two fatherless kids. Let’s give a round of applause to Ms Jamie Bragg. || Keep smiling hun all the way to court. (God will never bless you with someone else’s husband)

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  • I worked with her. Something seemed off with her. Now, I know why my gut never felt right! This is terrible. I’m so sorry for your family!