Isis Saccoh Middletown, New York New York


My husband and I have been together married for 6 years and our marriage anniversary was yesterday. Just like any other couple we always have our ups and downs. My parents don’t like him because he hasn’t been the great person to me but I still love him and we still continue our relationship. || Last year in 2012 we had a brief separation. Because we didn’t have a place to live in and my mom didn’t want him living in her house. So I guess he found this girl and had an 8 month long affair. In the beginning of the affair I confronted her and told her that he was married and we have two children together. Obviously she didn’t know, he didn’t tell her. So she said I’m sorry I had no idea I won’t continue to see him. So a couple of months go by and nothing and then he starts to disappear. At first it was for one night that was for two nights and then at one point it got up to two and a half weeks. Come to find out they are seeing each other again. I again confronted the girl and told her I thought we cleared this up, this that and the third, and she claimed that he told her that we were getting a divorce. So they continued to see each other behind my back. || I moved away and he came down after me. So I said okay we’re in a different state we’re not near her I’ll give him a second chance. Two months later I found out he’s been talking to her behind my back again. So I think it’s time she’s exposed.

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