Irene Flores Aurora, Colorado Colorado


I have been married to my husband for almost 13 years and we have 3 kids. It all started when my husband opened a Facebook account. He was chatting with this woman Irene and it was innocent at first but then it got to where she wanted to see him. He lied and said that she was just an old school friend and not to worry about it. They were chatting for a while but that was it, he finally told me that he hooked up with her for about 6 months and after she became pregnant. || He said it was not his baby and that he finally called it off with her. I could not believe a social network could interfere with my marriage. The only reason I found out is because my best friend were friends with one of her friends. Small world…huh? || My BFF didn’t want to tell me that she seen my husband with this woman in his car. She described this tramp to me and I know it was her. I also ran into to people at baby showers & parties that she was a home wrecker!!!  This is not the first time she has done this…this BITCH needs to be exposed ASAP. I have never contacted her nor does she know that I know she was with my husband. I know this seems crazy but KRAMA is a bitch and it will bite her soon or later. || My husband and I are still together…I am not going to let anyone ruin my marriage or life cause these tramps cannot keep their legs closed.

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