IGA Supermarkets Review


The IGA store in our local area – the Port Melbourne IGA – has had an issue with its stock supplies for over a year now and it is now not even worth being open. They have none of the basic necessities that a convenience store should have. I know of more people than just myself who have approached the owner and staff about their apparent stock issues and they always say that they are expecting an order “next week”. Rumour from the staff is that the owner is a gambler and does not pay his bills which therefore results in suppliers not permitting him access to stock. The shelves are so empty that people think they are closing down. I always go to the local Thomas Dux store for needs now but last night at 11pm I needed sanitary items and decided to go and try my luck at the IGA. They had nothing – no tampons, pads, toilet paper or tissues! The shelves were so bare that there were two other people complaining to the staff as I walked in. They were met with the same response I”ve heard time and time again – “stock will come next week”. I decided enough is enough. This store is putting the IGA brand to shame. The owner does not deserve to have the store and it is unfair the way his staff need to constantly lie on his behalf for what is clearly poor management!

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