I am never going back there and neither should you.


My dad always dreamt of buying an F-Series truck. It was like one of his biggest longings. I looked up for a Ford dealership and came across these guys. From the looks of their website, they seemed professional and reliable. But I was mistaken. These people aren’t reliable. They are scammers who lie to you about the condition of the vehicle and rush up the purchase so you don’t get the time to think properly. The customer service here is the worst. I’ve bought a number of cars and I’ve never faced any problem with the customer service of any other place. The people here are retarded and completely incompetent. Better go someplace where you get respected as a customer. I was planning to surprise my dad on his birthday with an F-Series truck. I contacted these people and found out that they had one of those available.

I visited the place and saw the truck. They didn’t let me try it because it was ‘still undergoing maintenance’. I thought that was justified. I told them that I was interested in buying the truck. IN reply, they gave me a large quote on the same. I thought they were asking too much for something which was ‘still under maintenance’. They told me that it was the only F-Series truck they had at the time and if I wasn’t interested, there’s nothing they can do. My bargaining skills are already poor so I didn’t even bother haggling for the price. I told them that I’ll need to test drive the truck first. They told me to come back 3 days later. I called them 3 days later and they told me that I’ll need to get there within an hour because some other man was also interested in buying the truck. I told them I was far and it’ll take me at least 2 hours to get there. Again, they told me that I should get there ASAP. I left work and got there. And guess what? They had already sold the truck to someone else. The entire experience was horrible. I was constantly calling them and telling them that I was on my way. But they didn’t care. They sold the truck anyway. Then, they told me that they have some other vehicles too. I wasn’t interested in buying from them anymore. But one of the salespeople had promised me that they’ll make up for the truck with a discount. They showed me another truck, I gave it a test drive and bought it later on. They really gave me a discount on that truck so I was happy. But later, the engine started getting hot and soon the truck got messed up. It happened when my dad had taken it out with me on a drive. I had to get it towed. I contacted those guys and they said they weren’t responsible for anything. They didn’t give me any discount whatsoever. They just gave me a crappy vehicle.

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