Golden Trust Management


Fake offer to buy timeshare


My Complaint: Received call from individual claiming to be lawyer who had receive a cashier check and Celebrity Resort approval to execute the sale. I was to wire money to an escrow account to start paperwork. Bank was Region Bank routing # 062 225 690 Account # 012 673 2432 and I was to name Golden Trust Management 14359 Miramar Tkwy Suite 271, Miramar FL as beneficiary with reference code aa my last name. To validate approval was from Celebrity I was given the name of a Thomas Phillip and a contact number of 863-677-6719. When I called Celebrity Resort they indicated they did not have this individual as an employee. I also could not find a lawyer named Carl Goldman listed in Kissimmee.


My Demand: No demand, as I didn’t send any money. Just want to report the Scam

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