Globester LLC Norristown Pennsylvania Review


I booked a ticket with them on may 22, 2013 and got a confirmation. approximately a week later they sent me an email that they are unable to charge my card. I called them back and asked them to try charging the card again, they said the price is increased now. I asked them to check why my card was rejected, and he put me on a hold for 20 mins. I hung up only to see an email with a confirmed ticket which was charged at higher price. I called them up to cancel it, they said they cant cancel the ticket in a very rude tone and hung up on me. I checked the ticket prices online on and could see a $50 difference in price. It also appeared that they are using seudo names in their customer service which is anyways extremely rude and unprofessional. There is no mention of the term “non refundable”” anywhere on their booking process. Its probbaly tucked in their T&C so that you will never read it. I would recommend everyone to stay away from them

they are just a bunch of unethical people trying to breach the american business code of conduct. I have never ever had such an experience in dealing with any American Company. I doubt if they even exist or its all just a website scam they are running.”



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