Global Vacation Network S. Pasadena Florida Review


I went to a travel company presentation in Palm Harbor, Florida to learn about Global Network Vacation. It was very long & lasted around 3 hours. I drove back home (over 1 hour). I did not buy a membership so they gave me a certificate for 2 to fly to a certain place, a short hotel & a short cruise. After mailing in the airline form to request flying to LA, I called their company who handled the certificates because I didn’t hear back about my form that I sent to them. I rarely could get through to them because they usually had a recording saying they had phone problems. It took me weeks & weeks to get through after calling many, many times daily. Their # is 928 854 2685. Recently, I got through & I was told my time has run out on my certificate. I then called the main office in Palm Harbor, Florida. They are out of business but their # was 727 944 2277.

3519. US 19- Alt. Palm Harbor, Florida USA

215 364 4473


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