Gardening Express Complaint


Absolute joke of a company with zero morals. AVOID! I ordered my mum 2 plants for her birthday. It took 2 weeks for them to arrive. The box was bashed up and the plants, 1 in particular, was dying and wilted. My mum who’s a very keen gardener has said they’re beyond salvage. You can’t phone this company (alarm bells) but I managed to contact them via chat. I sent pictures and this was their reply (below). I order plants for my mum every year and the state these were in is nothing I’ve ever seen. Having reviewed the photographs you sent over of your plants I can confirm that (although they are dry and some of the foliage is wilted), they are alive and will perk up (once planted out and cared for as per instructions). Live plants are always going to be a little thirsty on delivery after being transported in a carton for a couple of days but please rest assured that they are tougher than they look and will perk up within a few days of being planted out and watered well.

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