Doesn’t ship what they indicate and had to call two times and what they do ship is not good food!


My Complaint: I purchased a 72 hour kit for just shipping only and then upgraded to a 3 month kit as well for $497.00, which would include another 3 Free 72 hour kits and 6 additional FREE bonuses. They were very quick to charge my account and after 2 1/2 weeks of not receiving my order I called to find out the status only to be told that they saw it but didn’t know why it hadn’t been shipped. I finally received my 3 month kit today and no FREE 3 more 72 hour kits or bonuses included and the food wasn’t at all of a variety. I contacted customer service which by the way you have to wait forever for someone to pick up only to be told that the rest was shipped separately and that those kits would be the same food that they already shipped out. This company doesn’t live up to it’s representation online. It doesn’t offer a variety of food and the food it does offer isn’t of good quality. DON’T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. FOOD ISN’T WORTH THE PRICE!!!!! ORDER FROM ANYWHERE ELSE THEN Food4Patriots!!!!!!!


My Demand: How about some Integrity and provide the variety of food that your company indicates and stop misleading fellow Patriots!

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