Extremely casual behaviour and never ready to hear anything!


Have you heard of doctors with hairy hands? Well, all such doctors are there in Glastonbury Dental Associates. It really gives me the creeps when I think of the ordeal I had faced there. Also, aren’t the doctor supposed to wear gloves all the time? Well, not really at Glastonbury Dental Associates. I do not find them acting like a professional dentist. A patient is coming to you with pain, so you are supposed to handle them sensitively. If you do not show any kind of empathy, how do they think the patient will recover fast? The bills they raise are huge. The place is expensive and the service it gives is not really value for money. Too many medicines, mouthwash, vitamins you can really do without, are all in the prescription. My friend had a small cavity and they charged her a huge bill by saying it requires a gold filling. After two days this filling came out and she saw that it was anything but gold. Now this is plain cheating. An exorbitant amount gets charged by saying its gold but it is some cheap metal. This is really not expected from a reputed dental care unit. If you want to revisit the doctor just to ask if the medicines should continue or not. In other words a follow up visit is also charged the same amount. The doctor may just tell you that you are fine but he will charge you just the same. This place does not value your time as well. You have done an appointment at 8 o’clock and the doctor lands up at 10 o’clock. Now, no one has time to waste in the morning. My aunt had to go for work after the doctor’s appointment but she had to take the day off as the doctor landed up at 11.30 am that day. This is extremely unprofessional and she has promised herself never to go here.

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