Expert Credit Sweeps


This company is a fraud in terms of their paid service. Long story short, I paid Kristin on time each month for credit repair services that were NOT being performed to my satisfaction. She claims to return emails and phone calls, but trust me, she does NO such thing. | If she simply would bother to return calls instead of posting videos on YouTube, she might be better able to get away with the scam. If you try to make an appoinment with her, you will get either a phone call cancellation, a excuse that she made a phone call or email (and couldn’t get through) or complete lack of attention to question about the service until you finally make the move to cancel the service. | By then, she has your money and your personal information. God only knows, what kind scheme comes after having that kind of information. She’s not even supposed to collect money for credit repair services BEFORE specific work is complete, but she does it anyway. This appears to be the same person. See for yourself. Beware. Don’t pay her money to do ANYTHING. | | |

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