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I applied for a job as an Proofreader/Editor on, and this company wrote me back: EuroJuris. They asked for my checking account information after they emailed me, and I asked if they use PayPal and they said no (that should have been my first warning). I filled out paperwork (which I have) to be hired (like an application) and worked the end of March and the beginning of April just to get my first paycheck. It was due this week, and with all the emails of fixing international trade contracts, I was expecting $500 this week. (Just turned in my last set of fixed contracts Monday, April 20, 2015). A lady (not sure if it was Ms. Bruckes) called me from a 315-215-0284 number that she wants to send me a check for $2000 and for me to cash it and take out my portion, $375, and send them $1625. I told her that actually they owe me $500 because I sent in the last set of contracts, and she insisted about sending them the money. I knew this was a scam and was made at myself because I was counting on that money. I asked her why aren’t they wiring me the money like stated in the email through Chase Bank Quick Pay (since I have a Chase checking account). She fumbled over her words, and just said we’ll give you instructions. I told her I don’t feel comfortable doing that, and to please wire me the money. She said okay and hung up. I think that there are two law firms that may be connected to this, because the first number that called me was a NY number (315). The second number might have been them: 661-748-0240

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