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Eugene Lemell is a good for nothing narcissist who thinks he can have all the women in the world. When you first date him, he seems great but he often turns out to not all that great. He’s also a cheater and a liar who’s also a con artist and schemes at every opportunity. He’s calculating and manipulative. When dated a girl named Nicole whom he has a daughter with but he cheated on her with another girl name Marissa. That’s right, he dated Nicole and Marissa at the same time. After his eldest daughter was born, he dropped out of high school and failed to get a diploma or a G.E.D. and so he could work. He also thinks he could get a job without either one of those because he’s done that before. At one point he was hospitalized after being shot only for him to wake up to find that Nicole was pregnant with another man’s child. Why? Because he cheated on her and she got tired of all his bullshit. He stopped dating Marissa when he turned 18 and started dating her again when he turned 21, but then he married another woman named Angelique and moved out of state, leaving Marissa behind. He attend university of phoenix due to bordom and Angelique gave birth to his son. Time when by with Angelique being the only one working and he also cheated on her too with a bunch of random women. When she left him, he went off and accused her of stealing his money and giving it to her family. Unfortunately, one of her relatives got custody of the child since neither one of them were capable of taking care of him due to their drug use. He smokes pot and has been doing so for years and he’s also on meth as well. || After he returned from out of state, he started dating Marissa again while going through a divorce and he cheated on her with this girl named Charity. He did that for years and Charity got tired of him stringing her along and left. Marissa later become pregnant with his second daughter and he started dating another woman named Ashley. He soon told Marissa he was gay causing Marissa to leave. He has a habit of lying saying they all cheated on him which they didn’t. He dated Ashley for six months but when they were five months into their relationship, he started seeing her friend, Bejana behind her back. She has asked him to stop seeing her but he ignored that request thus sending her a message that he picked Bejana over Ashley. Ashley mysteriously disappeared after her and Eugene broke up. He started dating Bejana afterwards. What do you know, he also cheated on her and is still doing that. To make this matter worse, Bejana thinks he telling her the truth and he’s not. When Ashley reappeared, she was outraged that he told Bejana that she cheated when she didn’t. She had also told her his lies to no avail and their friend, Nica (who doesn’t like him very much) tried the same thing only for that to come to no avail. During that time, he hit on Nica and she brushed it off because she wasn’t interested in him. While he dated and married all these women, he falsely accused them of lying to him, seeing other men behind his back, and accused them of neglecting him. He even has the nerve to portray himself as innocent and to play the victim. Whenever he would talk to one of these women, she noticed that he would change his story everytime. When Bejana started living with him, things intensified for everyone. A lot of her friends and her family didn’t like him and they still don’t. When they got engaged, a lot of people got upset including including Nica. They also repeatedly bounced from one couch to another. After she accused four men for raping her, one of his female friends posted on facebook demanding that they seek psychiatric assistance and told them never to contact her to help them again. Bejana also got in trouble when her family pulled up and attempted to drag her home due to her disability. She is so in love with him that she doesn’t even see the truth. She also thinks that just because he lives with her he’s telling her the truth. He didn’t just cheat on Bejana with Marissa but he also cheated with Ashley as well. She also doesn’t listen when she is told that he will keep doing that and he will keep lying to her. Why did he cheat on his girlfriends and wives? Because he chose to do that. He also makes the wrong choices and has poor judgement. He also thinks Ashley’s and Bejana’s are bad people. He’s even deluded to think Bejana’s family will accept him. He coerced her into lying to get an apartment twice and they only got caught the first time. Got it the second time. She never takes him to outings involving her family because they don’t want him there. They’re sadly mistaken if they think they have a future together. He’s unemployed and refuses to get a job. He often takes advantage of people in order to get them to pay his way. He also put Bejana in credit card debt and she’s hiding that. She also doesn’t realize he is using her for her money and using her for sex. He even used her money to buy her an engagement ring. He also drove a wedge between her and Ashley and he also ruined their friendship. He also ruined her life as well. He got recently went to jail for missing work project. He also extorted money from a lot of people in order to stay out of jail. A TOTAL OF $7000! He also suffers from bipolar disorder and dyslexia and refuses to get help for his condition. Lately he’s been twisting everyone’s words around mostly because of his drug use and thinks everyone else is stupid. It’s him that’s stupid. HE’S A FUCKED UP INDIVIDUAL! Three children by three different women. Taking advantage of people to make ends meet. A lot of people portray him as a pimp, a gang member, etc. He’s a loser who’s on food stamps (a lot of people think he stole them). He expects everyone to take care of him and pay his child support. He also expects one of these women to buy him a cellphone. He’s gotten in trouble in the past. He’s currently leading her on for the thrill of it. He would do anything to get you to feel sorry for him. WATCH OUT! He will take your money and not pay you back. He’s greedy and selfish. He only cares about himself! He doesn’t care about Bejana or anyone else. He’s a stuck up homewrecker who thinks he’s smart when he’s clearly not. Anybody else have anything bad to say about this guy, SPEAK UP! He’s been accused of abusing her including throwing objects at her, pushing her into a bathtub, hitting her, choking her, etc. She even missed Nica’s birthday party because he wasn’t attending. He’s a big waste of time. While visiting him and Bejana, he touched another woman’s genitals and made out with her. Whenever he visited her, he always hit on her, call her pet names and would often say he doesn’t Bejana. He also never takes responsibility for anything and doesn’t see how his actions affect people. He often tells inside jokes which offends people. He’s just a heartless individual who often hurts a lot of people and doesn’t care what he did. He tries so hard to make it hard for people to track him down especially the authorities. He’s also an attention seeker who seeks attention from other women. He needs to be single. He doesn’t need to be in Bejana’s life. He’s doesn’t need to be chasing women. He also doesn’t need to be blackmailing people in order to get what he wants. SUCH A CHILD! This fucked up individual should’ve been exposed a longtime ago. Never even divorced Angelique! Now, he’s trying to pursue Bejana. He has the nerve playing the victim by saying he’s being stalked and shit. He’s going off trying to make Ashley look bad just to feel better. He’s a pathological liar who lies to get attention. He’s also chasing after a woman who no longer loves him. I swear to god, he suffers from bipolar disorder and erotomania. Bejana also kicked him out and now he won’t leave her alone. He needs to be single and be in the psychiatric ward. He’s cutting someone around him off for just one girl who may date someone else in the near future. SOMEBODY PLEASE KEEP HIM AWAY FROM HER! HE’S A HOMEWRECKING BASTARD WHO WILL RUIN YOUR FRIENDSHIPS AND RUIN YOUR LIFE! He’s such a loser who forces people to pay his way and expects people to take care of him. He’s a high school drop out who doesn’t know how to manage money, his life, and pretty much doesn’t know how to do anything. He’s nothing but a pimp who is also a sex and drug addict. He’s incapable of taking care of a child, an animal, etc. He has the mindset and mental capacity of a teenage boy. He’s takes advantage of people by asking them for money and shit. He will use that to get high! SO WATCH OUT! He will wreck your home period.>

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