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Had a phone call in October about a deposit I had made on a travel package 3 or 4 years earlier, asking me if I wished to use it now or preferred a refund. They asked for my credit card number so they could make the refund They promised to call me back in a few days and get my answer. nNo call back. On my next credit card bill 1 month later, two (2) new charges for travel packages: no refund. nIn my calls to customer service they maintain:-n 1) I had agreed to a new package on the ohone.n 2) Orders must be cancelled within 15 days. It was already a monthn 3) They may have made a mistake writing up 2 new orders. They were willing to cancel 1 – at a $20 cost to me. They did. n 4) thay had sent all the info re the new package , in the mail, plus a receipt. Not Received.n 5) no acknowledgement of the original deposit. (No big deal for me.)

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