Enviro Board Complaint


As of November of 2016, Glenn Camp motioned to have the judgement which was ordered by the court in Venture County to be dissolved and reheard thou a Trial de Nov. This motion was heard and the court ordered Glenn Camp to pay the original judgement plus an additional 500.00. Since this judgement is against Environ Board Corp. I have reached out to the Co. Chair with Glenn B. Camp, William J. Peiffer, counsel and an attorney (New Jersey)for Environ Board Corp. He originally promised my attorney at the time this note was originally due to make full payment on the note as well as pay late fees and attorneys fees. He will not respond to my reaching out for this note to be paved even after Camp has taken it as far as it will go regarding the Trial de Nov. Why after the court hearings will Camp and Peiffer who have many time made promises to satiate this overdue note make restitution. I seek other individuals in the same predicament as myself for aid and assistance.

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