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Complaint: We contracted with Empire Windows to install replacement windows and a new patio door. The windows were installed with no problem. However, the patio door was delivered without the hardware. This resulted in the first delay. The installation crew came back in approximately 2 weeks after the hardware was delivered. However, this time the wrong size frame was in the box. There was an additional delay of a month because the correct frame had to be ordered. I spoke with a gentleman named Louis who offered to discount us 10%. During this particular conversaton with him I didn’t ask what the 10% was being discounted from. It was during a second conversation that I did ask him if the discount was on the door or on the entire job. He said it would be off the entire job. After the door was finally installed I received a phone message from a Kim Hunter advising that our refund of $300 was being mailed. When I spoke with Ms. Hunter I told her that Louis had told me the refund was to be off the entire job. This would mean the refund was short by $340. She said Louis would have to notify her of this. I contacted Louis to try and clear up this mistake however he then told me he never said the refund was going to be on the entire job. He said he told me he would have to get authorization from his boss. But he never mentioned his boss. I asked if I could speak with this “boss”” and was told there was no one I could speak to and the boss was in Canada. We were deceived regarding the refund we would receive. It was as though we were told this just to pacify us until they finally did complete the door installation. Also- the Salesman stated that our payments would be $50 per month. But when we received the statement

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Address: the payment was nearly 3 times that amount. We planned on purchasing replacement windows and there was no need to be deceptive about any of this. The patio door delay was just completely ridiculous. Although Louis and Ms. Hunter deny that the offer of a 10% discount ever occurred

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Phone: it most certainly was offerred after the delay on the door installation!”

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