Emily (Emileah) Moore Garcia Saugus, California California


Emily Moore Gracia worked with my husband. My husband and I got married in March and she made a move on him in May! I completely understand that it takes too in no way am I saying it’s all her fault, but the whore knew he was married with a son. The whore use to baby sit my son she even went as far as to come to my son’s 1st birthday party and she was sleeping with my husband. The sad part is she was sleeping with my husband while she was 8 months pregnant with some other guy’s baby! How disgusting is that. Now I know that I had some fault but she kissed my husband first knowing he was married and had a child and she was with child what did you think whore my husband would leave me for you? Come on have some self-respect! She goes by emileah on facebook.

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