Elizabeth El-Qaq Torres Florida Florida


The affair began a few years ago. He, Eric Mckinney of (removed), took her, Elizabeth El-Qaq Torres of Melbourne Terrace, to favorite locations, including the place where he proposed, Saint Augustine, hotels, restaurants, Disney. She was a very close friend. Still can’t get over how someone can do this to a good friend. He got her a job at a skilled nursing facility when she first moved down to Florida from NY and I guess she felt she owed him a favor. So many peoples lives fell apart because of this affair, sometimes people just don’t understand how deeply they hurt the ones they supposedly”love”. || They were together often during the affair. She was caught by voicemails and email messages between the two that were never deleted. Simple as that. The pain she caused two families is immense, not to say he is off the hook for any of this. He is a cheating bastard who double crossed his close friend, her ex-husband! She is a homewrecker in every sense of the word and wives need to keep her away from their husbands because she will do this again and again. No respectable mother would choose this lifestyle, Elizabeth El-Qaq Torres is the worst type of person, a liar and a betrayer. Watch your husbands around this one!

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