Dream Singles


The site advertises “connect with women seeking serious relationships”, marriage. Women in profile sell their photo shoots to website, then men actually respond to men’s inquiries on women’s profiles. The reason according to a whistleblower working there says, “it is a scam. Women are paid for photo shoots, but you are not speaking with women on site, but men. It is a businesss. Women get commission / interest for foreign men paid services sending letters and text chat. There are no women here. It is men responding.” See attached pdf showing a female worker who confessed what is going on, along with screenshots of men’s accounts who “work” the profiles. It is a company wide catfish scam. See attached. | Don’t lose money there. Also, if you do not believe me, open a 2nd profile under a fake name, and you will see “women” send same “love” messages to everyone on site. It is typical to get a “woman” in profile to say they love you and want you to be with them. Then they will send same EXACT message moments later to another fake profile they never talked to. It is a scam to make you pay per message in letters, and text chat. You think they exists because you see photos and short videos of them . But those were bought by website to generate their “bait” for lonely foreign men.

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