Dobin Law Group, P.A. Review


I was contacted by a young lady over the phone one night who appeared to be soliciting financial advice about the DOW JONES and it made no sense why she was asking for my 88 year old grand father. After asking multiple questions she turned the conversation from giving advice on saveing money or recouping what was lost in the market via LOSSES and comissions paid to a broker. I asked her where did she get my information and that I pretended to be my grandfather and play along. She turned the conversation into leagal advice and offered to put me on the phone with a professional who would get my money back? I was on hold for 4 minutes when a MARC DOBIN got on the phone and tried to convince me to sue my broker… (thinking i was my grand pa) he gave many circumstances on how this works and that there is no charge if we dont make anything or get anything back. I took his information and played along. He wanted all my information, social sec. number, dob, and address and all my statements from all of my brokers. I concluded he was a fraud and disconnected the call. His office has contacted me 4 times since then. Taking advantage of our elderly is against my moral code and wish this beast dead. Soliciting arbitrations is by far lower then pond scum and a desperate attemp to make money for a failing law firm. I hope his scam sends him to jail .

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