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I hired this company from Four Seasons Sunroom website as a contractor to build a sun room. They sold me Four Seasons Sunroom with all its great features (self-cleaning windows, great heat resistance, etc.). The contract I signed had Four Seasons logo and was advised that the room itself will take 4-6 weeks to complete. Fast forward – 9 months, 40K+ and lots of stress and disrespect from this company later I got a sun room that has nothing to do with Four Seasons, sub-par quality with leaking roof and virtually no response from the company on the “”warranty”” repairs they are responsible for. Working with this company and Arroyo family for many months I learned that they are a bunch of crooks that lie and cut corners everywhere possible to save money. They delivered such a poor quality product that we spent months and $$$ fixing it on our own. The only reason I did not sue them is that I was pregnant thought out the majority of the project and could not put myself and the baby through yet an additional stress of a lawsuit. I wish I did my research better and read all the reviews about the company and Arroyo family – they do not have a SINGLE positive review!

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