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They have since mailed me a bottle which I did not order and they have billed my debit card without my permission. They are nothing but criminals and scam artist. They absolutely need to be prosecuted and incarcerated. | This company has shown me that they are a criminal organization. They are deceptive, dishonest, and extremely hard to deal with if you are able to contact them by phone. As an example, I have called them multiple times today with nothing but a busy signal. In the past. when I was able to reach them they were evasive and refused to give me a tracking number for what I had ordered. After multiple calls to them they finally gave me a tracking number which proved to be invalid. I was not able to reach them after that because they would never answer. I always, as today, got a busy signal. After 3 weeks I received the ordered product. My concern now is that the product too was not real. I have terminal cancer and that is the reason I ordered the oil in the first place. I might ad that I am living on a very small fixed income from Soc. Sec. Administration. This is the very last thing I need…somebody trying to rip me off with some dishonest scam. I’m reaching out for help.

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