Diamond Dashay Jenkins – Victorville, California California


Im a triflin hoe that love to have affairs with married men. I play my position very well. So well to the point where i can hide a 2 yr old from his wife and family. Oh not only a 2 yr old but a one yr old too. He has other kids but i always let him take care of home while i plsy second with my kids. Yea i dont care about him really being a father as long as he leave me with a wet pussy and i have a piece of him to keep sneaking around. Im very patient. I know my place. I was fine with him moving to another country with his wife n kids as long as i got a conversation here n there along with sneaking around if he came into town. Im very obedient, you can compare me to a lap dog. I never get out of my place and i will even lie to your wife for u. I always do as im told. I love being a side hoe n willing to share someone else husband/man. Im finally what i wanted to be growing up. I am a worthless piece of shit and a woman with no respect for herself or anyone marriage. I will alwys be convienient pussy.

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