Deltona Sod Services, Inc Deltona Florida Review


Worse Sod and Customer Service Around–DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY? As of 8/19/10 they have nyet to come visit our yard as they had promised. They now refuse to nreturn phone calls or even pick up the phone. On 7/23/10 we had 3 npallets of sod delivered from them. There were pieces that were cut nshort underneath. Then on 8/7/10 when we went out to check on it and nwater the lawn like we had been doing for the past 2 weeks we found all nthese little worms all over our driveway, sidewalk, and in the road. We npicked a few up to take to Home Depot, on the way we saw a lawn pest ncompany we stopped to ask what they were…his reply Army Worms. When wen got to Home Depot they said the same thing. After doing research on nthese little guys it turns out they destroy everything in their site. Wen promptly called this place on that Monday (since they aren’t open on nthe weekends), left a message, again on Tuesday, and finally on nWednesday he called and said he would be out. As of this date he has yetn to come out or return any of our calls that we have made since his no nshow. Now we have weeds growing up between whats left of the brown ndieing sod and we still have the worms that we cant seem to kill. So at nthe moment the only hope we have is that the army worms don’t spread to nour neighbors yards. The neighbors that gave us their number because they had used them are now regretting it. They now have weeds and brown spots in their yards.

1161 South Brickell Drive Deltona, Florida United States of America

(386) 574-4379


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