Dell Financial Services South Haven Michigan Review


In 2006, I financed a Dell XPS Slimline from Dell Financial. The amount financed was $900. We (My wife and I) paid $3,500 over the course of 3 years on this machine. Yes, a $900 machine. We received a bill from Dell the exact week we sat down at the kitchen table to figure out how much we had paid them. The bill was for $900! nShortly after receiving this bill, I lost my job. The collectors at Dell were calling my wife and I around the clock 2 days after we were late for the VERY FIRST TIME IN 3 YEARS. My wife explained to them that we had always made double payments, always paid early, and had paid over $3,500 on a $900 computer and that I had just lost my job. Their response was rudeness, unprofessionalism, and they demanded the $900 in full and threatened to “Ruin our good credit.”” My wife told them to pound sand. nA few months later

a law firm contacted my wife and demanded the balance plus penalties. My wife advised we did not have it 3 months ago

why would we have it now? Well

shortly thereafter

they quit calling. This was 3 years ago. 2 weeks ago someone was banging on my door

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