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Im not sure where to start. In march of 2013 I was in a bad car accident. I was tboned by a semi truck. I lived and was able to walk away with nothing serious only some broken bones. During my healing my husband had to take a different job to supplement my income not coming in anymore. We have been together over 14 years and just recently celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. || My husband was a restaurant manager and this fiona shrek looking piece of scum was his employee. I cant say anything was going wrong with our marriage. At least not to my knowledge. I was healing great and getting stronger everyday. Well in mid September I noticed a difference with my husband. Locking his phone, saying he had to work later, etc.. etc.. || Well I know my husband better than he does. It took me about 3 days to crack the password on his phone. Hes not too brilliant. Lol.. Well I seen where he was talking to a”dee”  a lot here recently. Made me go hmmmmmm. Well I decided to put a tracker onto his phone. You know email, text, phone, pics msg, gps log. The works.. then I waited. Well my gut was right, he was sweet talking this dee chick. I can say he never ever bad mouthed me. He told her how we have a great marriage and awesome sex life. I know I still wonder what the hell he was thinking. Well I had the address now. She lived in the projects. Classy I know. I waited patiently for the meeting time and place. Yes it was hard but needed the proof. I’m still trying to figure it out. || I wish I was a day sooner with my tracking efforts because thats when the affair actually happened. The meeting I was waiting for was suppose to be a follow up because she was so drunk the first time she didn’t remember anything. I guess she hurt his ego and pride.. so he wanted to give her the ride of her life. Well him not knowing that I know he went along with his plan. He called me to explain how he had to run to another restaurant to get some things needed before he ran out in his store. So of course I played along. I had to borrow a friends car, so I could stay invisible. Lol. Well I waited until he pulled up and about 10 extra minutes after he went inside. I knew he had his phone on him because he had the balls to call me to let me know he was heading out. He was talking to me as she let him in. I started calling his phone. No answer, I called for 15 minutes straight and sent like 5 texts. No answer. So I called her phone, then his phone, then her phone, then his.. all ringing off the hook. It was great. I finally sent her a text to let her know I was outside her apartment sitting in his truck that it would be best if he came out immediately. Needless to say he comes out begging, crying, pleading. I just told him to head home I wasn’t going to cause a scene there. And I warned her to call into work the next few days and to find a friend to stay with because once I was done with him she was next. Before we could get out of the parking lot he said she means nothing, just a quick fat slut who puts out. She is younger and made him feel good about himself. Oh ok ya I believe that b.s.. || It’s been nine months and yes im still married. I dont believe in throwing away something thats broke if it can be fixed. Plus I can make his life more of a living hell staying married to him than divorcing him. I couldn’t ask for a better guy/husband right now. Do I trust him? Hell no.. but he quit his job, took a hammer to his phone, and has not got a new one. || Last I heard of her. She lost her job, her place, her daughter, oh and her marriage. She has been arrested for drugs, child neglect, 3 duis and resisting arrest, driving on a suspended license, no proof of insurance. I’m just sitting here loving how karma works. || I know some will say I’m dumb for staying, and you’re right I am. But I have talked with my pastor and have prayed about my decision. I will stand by my decision for as long as I can anyways. || I just want the women of Morristown TN to watch out for this shrek. Also if they live close to Jefferson and Newport as well. I know my husband isn’t the first or the last to fall into her Tennessee titanic twat.

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