Cristy Michael Huntington, West Virginia West Virginia


Christy Michael or as I like to call her Crusty Cristy threw herself on to my boyfriend. (my boyfriend along with everyone else’s, that’s just kind of what she does) She is a money hungry immature self-proclaimed”woman” who is nothing more than a trouble starting gold digging loser. Once my boyfriend told her to get lost she attempted to make my life hell. She posted things / lies on the internet about me, tried to convince my boyfriend that our baby wasn’t really his, mailed copies of my ex-boyfriends Facebook pages to my house in hopes that my current boyfriend would see it and leave me thinking I was talking to him again and so on. || I told her the better woman would win and I wouldn’t even try. Her efforts failed her!!! She got used up once again and tossed back to gutter where she belongs. She is currently 33 and still single and on the prowl! What a catch! On to wrecking other homes I suppose! Watch out for this homewrecker Huntington!

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