Colwell, Inc., Charlie Colwell Hayden Alabama Review


First things first! Back in May of 2009 my husband and I were in the process of buying a house and planning our wedding. As most people, we were tight on money and were planning on furnishing most of our new home with hand me downs from family until we could afford new. My husbands grandfather gave us some cash to go buy a couch with. He said he had found an awesome deal in the paper and set up an appointment to go look at it. So we all go to the distribution center and wait for Charlie. When he gets there we go in and he unlocks the “showroom”” door. He closes the door behind us. When we ask about that awesome deal in the paper

he leads us over to something in the corner. It is the smallest couch I have EVER seen. I think it went to some dollhouse furniture. At this point I am mad and ready to leave. My husband insists since we are already there lets look. So we do. After what seemed like an hour of looking


and listening to Charlie’s speach about the great quality and 5 year warranty and solid oak frame…. I finally found a leather sectional I liked. But the price was way above our budget. The whole time we were in there he kept fidgeting

looking at his watch

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