Collezioni Salida California Review


As I was getting out of my car in the Tracy Costco Parking lot he pulls into the space next to me and wants to know the direction to the San Jose Airport. He is italian with an italian passport, was driving a premium SUV rented from Alamo – showed me the rental agreement, had his name on it, $276.02. He said he was returning to Italy that evening after a fashion show and had four Armani jackets with him. He could not take back because of excess customs duty he would have pay, about $1500.00. he was nicely dressed and in a rush to get to the airport. Tried to sell me four jackets for $300.00 but I told I had only $200.00 after a little haggling he agreed to $200.00. Being a nice transplant American I thought I was helping out a foreginer with broken english and getting a deal in return. In the end I was the who got screwed trying to help the helpless! Never Again. These jackets are totally fake, vinyl; nothing on the Armani website looks like it Italian scaming criminals working the US.

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