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Bought my truck new in 1997, Chevrolet 1500 Silverado.This truck has 75,994 miles on it. Have had no problems untill 75,994 miles when the radiator started leaking. Had the radiator repaired and two days later the engine was leaking coolant. Took the truck to the dealer who says it is the intake manifold gasket. Having spoken to mechanics and friends, it appears there are some problems with the Dexcool or new pink antifreeze that they use in G.M. trucks and cars. Upon doing some investigation on the internet, I found out that consumers reporting has many such complaints that the coolant is bad and this stuff is corrosive to the engines and eats seals. I spoke with the radiator mechanic and he confirmed that he sees alot of this with the Dexcool and clogged radiators. The dealer in mention wanted $466.00 to fix this intake gasket. I am looking for a contact to do a class action suite against this dealer or General Motors who I contacted. They gave me a file number and said they will get back with me. The next day they called to say they spoke with the dealer and I will need to pay for this. Of course General Motors and the dealer denied EVER having any problems with the coolant or ever heard that there was a problem. They both claimed that there has never been a service bulliten put out and know nothing about this problem. Gary Kingman, ArizonaU.S.A.

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